Option 2: Publicly-granted returns above 10% p.a.

In the second option, we submit all applications for any necessary approvals at our own expense, taking care of all the planning and construction and we sell a turnkey plant to you. Your benefits can be summarized as follows:

Publicly-granted secure returns: Solar irradiation is constant on average, level of support is guaranteed by the state and the investment costs are guaranteed by us at the time the investment decision is made. The returns are thus completely secure with no volatile influence factors.

Secure returns above 10% p.a.: The level of support in combination with our offered investment costs allow the investor to achieve returns on investment (measured as the internal rate of return) – depending on the actual plant location – of 10% to up to 30%. This level of returns is unique for investments with such a risk profile.

Limited investment need: Banks are ready to grant loans for investments in photovoltaic plants with 80% share of debt being standard in Europe. The equity needed is thus very low amounting to approximately 200,000 EUR for a plant of 1,000 kWp. Our offer includes our assistance in receiving an appropriate financing structure based on our contacts to international banks.

Purchase of turnkey plant: We will sell to you a turnkey plant with all required contracts such as maintenance, insurance etc., allowing you to achieve an attractive rate of return.

No approval or support risk: We take all costs and risks in the approval phase. By the same token, if no approval or no support can be achieved, your expenditures are zero.

Complete usage of the „green image“: You can use the plant in your image campaigns or advertisements.

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