Clean energy at the economically optimal locations

Energy efficiency and clean electricity generation are challenges that will bother global societies over the next decades. In particular, generation of electricity using photovoltaic installations offers a significant potential as clean and free-of-charge energy of the sun is converted into electricity.

Countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy or Czech Republic have offered large markets for the installation of photovoltaic plants for several years. We have brought this successful business model to Austria and are expanding this model to other new growth markets.

In developed European countries our focus is laid on rooftop systems due to several reasons:

Optimal use of idle areas: Roof-top systems optimize the use of otherwise unemployed areas in contrast to ground-mounted plants that use areas that could alternatively be used for agriculture, construction etc. As long as there are sufficient roof-areas available in Europe, it does not make sense to install plants on the ground, which could be used in alternative ways.

Attractive feed-in-tariffs: Rooftop systems typically earn a higher feed-in-tariff compared to free-standing plants. Many European countries have already abolished any support for large-scale ground-mounted plants.

Ease of network access: Compared to ground-mounted plants, the buildings already have network access that can be used to feed the generated electricity into the network.

Own electricity consumption: The buildings typically have their own electricity consumption which not only optimizes the plant´s return after expiration of the feed-in-tariff, but also makes the plants an optimal investment from an economic point of view.

The support-driven expansion of photovoltaic installations in Western Europe has led to a slump in module prices making PV plants in Southern regions with high irradiation values (such as Africa) profitable even without any support system. In these regions, solar plants can make a significant contribution to rural development and security of supply especially in weak- or off-grid regions, as they can be installed close to consumption. The generated electricity is emission-free, by far cheaper compared to alternative conventional sources and significant infrastructure investments can be avoided. PV plants in these regions make sense both from social and economic perspectives.

In these regions, the high upfront investments into photovoltaic plants are problematic and often become a show-stopper. A comprehensive commercial and financial structure allows HHB to develop PV power plants and generate electricity at competitive prices based on power purchase agreements (PPAs) without any investment need for the local municipality.

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